Baby's First Extraterrestrial Transmission

by One-sided Friendships

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Holocaust, cheating, envy, greed, line end
Words into sentences into paragraphs, rhyming
"Mononucleosis" with nonsense - don't know this - is child's play
Tornado, tsunami, Jonestown, the Black Plague
Eleventh commandment: "never forgive"; the twelfth: "never forget"
Front seat, singing "b-b-baby you ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet"
The car burns, the plane crashes, we all die, the news flashes
Sing to me with playful gashes
12th grade math A plus, gym failure
The plane and the train and the brain, they all get here
The father and the son and the Holy Ghost
Will observe as I betray ya, nail the hands to the cross, boss
Undefeatable, son, you can't stop me
The laying of hands will not get this demon out of me
Can't you see it was meant to be?
Touch me, I kill you, I'm majesty

Kill me! Send me off to die
Things happen, the story progresses
The plot twist implies that the protag never really was alive
In the end, when the wounds heal, when the "I" mends
You know I'll be coming back again to say "hello"
The milk shakes, the heart perspires
Screaming things the world wants to hear, it wants to hear the people say "hallelujah, one god and one creator"
(But) don't buy the suit until you meet the suitor
Shake your hands, make the deal, turn, walk away, pretend it never happened
Tilt your head back, take the pill, smile because you love them, touch so you can hold them, look so you can feel them truly
My heart burns for you only
And now I will never be lonely
The look in the eye of the protag when the arrow meets the heart
Oh, you tear me apart

Was I right when I said all the things in my head only to hear you laugh back at some other person's joke in the hallway?
Seeing things the way they weren't meant to be, were they? You can touch him, but hold me
The heart still perspires, and always desires, inked deep in it is the word "more"
Sir, I will always be on time from now on
It's just that my grandma died, my brother choked, my car broke, my house burned

"Truly alive" is a term that I use to describe normally functioning living organisms \ redundant, an organism is always alive
Will I be able to say that I was always alive?
The heart wants what the heart wants, in that case
My heart wants a 12-gauge, an attack, a briefcase
I'm packing up, I'm lacking in largesse
I refine my finesse for fitness and for fame
Did you ever really, really know my name?
If you say yes, take a right, if you say no, take a plunge
Fuck, fuck, a thousand times "fuck" for the fluidity of my speech
The sentences I'm forming, fact or fiction \ can you tell which is which?


released June 10, 2015
samples The Kims' Jingle:



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