One​-​sided Friendships

by One-sided Friendships

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thank you: david foster wallace, haruki murakami, mark z. danielewski, t.s. eliot, and every other artist i've shamelessly plagiarized


released January 9, 2015

vocals, handclaps, toy trumpet, everything else - me

Evan Lescallette - vocals on tracks 2,4
Ben Curttright - vocals on track 3
Meitar Almog - vocals on track 8




all rights reserved
Track Name: The Metal Song
You live reversed, you drive the hearse for something gold. And that's bold (but I don't like one bit of it. I pin myself up on the wall, I nail myself up by the throat. Can't things be forgotten anymore? Is it just everyone, or am I not really going fucking crazy? I smell solutions, but never really reaching any.
It's touch-and-go, I know my soul, and I know patterns of behavior. I know it really feels abstruse, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I won't let go of it. I wanna stop regressing. Always touching, but never feeling. Never reeling in my favors, I am on my best behavior, I will not shut up till this plane reaches Philly and I can stop worrying about all my worries. And I feel filled up to the brim of the mental cup, the veil never staying up for long.
Love, silence, and dying - all things worth trying.
Track Name: Soy Sycophantes
"You sycophant!", you said. Inappropriate convulsions I had in your bed. The whole way home I walked thinking how it feels to praise solitude. It seems to me I'm late - it doesn't take a minute to get out of here. I beg of you, pull kismet, appear!
You've radically changed - you've got an angel in your brain. My flyleaf life - a vicissitude, [I'm] practically petrified. There are days in which we don't do anything at all. I beg of you, just take the fall!
Track Name: Naoko
My Pelafina, mother of a pugilistic bastard - your argumentative hubris is not safe. It's not for me. It's making me feel alone. My Naoko - what I said to you then was set in stone. We had our doubts, and it's not homely, but there's no second I've lived you can't call your own.
Track Name: Phony Winters
Through phony winters and snack bar summers and public pools, you still ruled. You asked me: "Don't you think that it is time for us to burn everything down?" I frowned.
In sickly winters we'd attend to our shivers, to each his own. I'm picking up the phone to empty white - the city's rioting and I'm still picking at age-old sores. I am over. I am over and able. You ask me to "try and keep myself together when the lights go down." Are you done?

I wanted to say that I can but it's no wonder if I don't. I wanted to say that I tried to stay alive, even if for just throught the night. [Even if for just throughout the night,] we'll be alright.
Track Name: Eulogy
Eulogies for things are ridiculous but we did those. I can't tell anyone what we did those nights, they wouldn't understand what we did. Hiding from them then - pillow forts and loud alarms - we had the charm that nobody knew meant boyhood. It felt good to feel for the first time. [For the first time] I regress. We were talking less and less. Bedrooms made a mess, a message missed.
I know now that what I want is for love lives to end so friendships could start, and we could both just stay less smart and thirteen.
Are you in?